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Who knows why, but, last night, I felt like practicing deboning a chicken for my upcoming “Western cuisine” practical.

A whole chicken, check. An empty plate for the bones, check. A sharp knife, check. (Not shown to keep my blog PG rated.) Target time, 15:00.
A whole chicken

Bam. My time, 13:42.

Deboned chicken

FYI, there are many other ways to do it. But I wanted to practice filleting the entire half a chicken without cutting off the thighs first. Here’s a great video I happened to find on Twitter, right after I decided to debone one. He does it in 5 minutes, of course, while pausing and talking too.


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More ducky photos

By popular demand, here are the rest of the pictures from the Beijing Duck dinner:

Slices of duck liver. Tasted like other game livers I’ve had before. Very soft.
Duck liver

Duck hearts. It was actually quite tasty.
Duck hearts

Here’s a slice of the duck’s skin, with a layer of fat. Its flavor is incredibly rich (and very oily, of course). Quite a treat.
Duck skin with a layer of fat

Here’s the actual meat. They slice it with a pretty thick layer of skin attached, adding more depth to the taste.
Beijing duck

And…here’s the head. Click to enlarge, only if you really want to see it.

Cooked duck heads

By the way, the restaurant gives you a certificate for the duck you eat. It makes sense, since you’ll be leaving with the duck in its entirety in your tummy after the meal. I forget, but our duck was something like Duck Sold no. 1321057265981?

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