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Good cocoa powder. The essence for the perfect chocolate cake.

So I had big thoughts. Like, I’d earn enough for a living by posting some funny thoughts and recipes online. I know, the blog would have to be unique, entertaining, informative, well-designed, and updated frequently. I actually had a few ideas that seemed like it could really take off, and it felt great. Just like how I got super excited by thinking of baking the most perfect, two-tier chocolate cake for my ex-boyfriend’s birthday.

I contemplated the “right” platforms. I wrote down all the possible topics to make sure I had enough to write at least for a month or two. Then I got lost, just like how I got lost after emailing myself over fifty recipes for the damn chocolate cake. I kept putting it off, and the longer I did, the greater the pressure grew. Now it had to be amazing after all those days, right?

Tonight, I dropped all the big and little ideas I had for the blog. I told myself: just write. So I decided to create a simple blog, like how I decided to pick a simple recipe for the cake to save myself some pain (and yes, I had put it off until the night before his birthday). Once I set it up, I’d be good to go. Wait, wrong. I had forgotten what a pain it was to come up with an available username. What’s also a pain is to find a recipe that only calls for the ingredients you have available in your tiny kitchen at midnight.

After an hour of trying every possible combination of words and/or my name, I was still blogless. This was as bad as being cakeless after an hour of searching for the recipe online with bloodshot eyes.

Finally, the blog god listened to me and made anotherfoodie available on wordpress.com. Not the most ideal, but hopefully my ex-boyfriend will like it as much as the butterless, dry, yet edible one-tier chocolate cake I managed to finish before 3am.


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